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Need to hire e-book ghostwriters to write your book and publish it? Our trained, pre-vetted ghostwriters for hire turn your writing ventures into a shining success! Give us a call for book writing, book editing, and book publishing navigation services.


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Our talented team of ghostwriters shimmer in the shadows, busily crafting stories that capture the essence of our clients’ imaginations.

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We’re a lot more than just an editing and ghostwriting agency — we’re literally a universe of this industry in ourselves. We put an excellent team of specialized experts who personalize our comprehensive services for you at every point.

Our mission and passion is to help people tell their stories and publish a book through our ghostwriters to be heard and inspire millions of people to think big.

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Have a book planned but can’t find time to write it? Just answer our questions and we turn your ideas into an upcoming bestseller book.

Still not sure? Get the first chapter of your book written for absolutely no cost! Tell us your story, and assess the quality of our ghostwriting services before you start.


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Our industry expert writers work in collaboration with the editors from the Big-5 publishing houses. We capture your style, vision, and voice to combine it with our expertise, skills, and effective literary devices to turn it into a bestseller.


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We specialize in web copywriting, SEO article writing, blog writing, guest post writing, whitepapers, essay writing, social media content writing, reviews writing, email writing, and much more! We have a specialized writer in each subject!


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Our expert editors from the Big-5 publishing houses work on the smallest details to create your masterpiece that sells. We publish your books, press releases, and e-books on the world’s best platforms at an unmatched price!


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About Us

With years of experience in the art of ghostwriting, our team of experts has a deep understanding of the craft and a passion for creating stories that leave a lasting impression.
We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible and experiment with new techniques and styles to create unique and memorable stories that resonate with readers.
Our ghostwriters have a knack for crafting stories that leave a mark on your imagination by pulling you into their world and refusing to let go.
It’s our otherworldly intelligence that allows us to tap into the collective consciousness to create page-turners.

"Our mission and passion is to help people tell their stories and publish a book through our ghostwriters to be heard and inspire millions of people to think big"
Jessica R
Client Relationship Manager

Behind The Scenes

Our Process

Finding ghostwriters for hire with us is an easy, comfortable, seamless, and fun process – you enjoy working with us!

Order Placement

You get in touch with us via live chat or call. We send out a proposal and quote. You fill in a brief questionnaire, and we discuss your project details over a call. You receive an invoice and a non-disclosure agreement from our company. Voila! Your order has been placed!

Team Delegation

We discuss your project with our lead editors and designate your project to a dedicated team of writers who work in collaboration. We form a team based on your genre, project timeline, expertise required, and the package you choose. You also get a dedicated project manager.

Writing Final Draft

We capture your voice, style, tonality, and style to write in your voice while ensuring flawless, publish-ready drafts! We work closely on the project in collaboration with you during each step. You get regular updates and drafts, and we keep the entire process easy, seamless, and fun!

Editing & Publication

Commas can be the death of even the most talented writers. We’ll help you take them with our intensive punctuation training. Our experts will give you a comprehensive analysis of your work so all elements are firing on all cylinders. Our team will work closely with you to enhance your existing content with the perfect blend of word choice, tone, and style. The publishing industry can feel like a nightmare. But our experts will guide you step-by-step through the process from editing to publication to help you prepare your manuscript and market it effectively.

Ghostwriting Services

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Count on our expert editorial teams led by the editors from the Big-5 publishing houses in the world. Don’t take our word for it! We’re so confident about our work and its quality that we offer to edit and proofread the first three pages of your book completely free! Try it out today, and make an informed decision.​

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No gimmicks, no nonsense. We promise to simply deliver the best. You have a chance to get a personalized, custom-written sample from us at no cost! Stop going through endless irrelevant sample works that you don’t want, and simply get to see what YOU want!

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"What I loved about Ghostwriting Universe is their back to back feedback system. They sent me the chapters for my E-book collected my feedback every week. This streamlined approach where you put clients above everything is not easy to find."

Robert Kolker
Amazon Seller

"I've had a bad experience with two writing agencies. Then I hired freelancers, but it didn't work out. A friend told me about this company and their commitment to work. Love it! They've given me everything I asked for. Truly grateful for the help they've offered."

Janelle Brown

"I had a few books that I wrote myself, but they had issues that needed editing and formatting. I also wanted to increase my book length with useful facts, figures, and infographics. These guys do almost everything related to writing. I'm a happy client."

James McBride

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