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We are a professional book writing company located in Texas. We have a proven track record of helping authors with all aspects of the book writing process, from initial planning and outlines, to writing and editing the final manuscript. We have a team of experienced ghostwriters who are passionate about helping authors bring their stories to life. Contact us today to learn more about our book writing services.

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Our greatest satisfaction is to see your dream book completed and published.

GWU has been helping people with writing since 2006. Our ghostwriters, copyeditors, and marketing experts have an innate passion for writing and proofreading books and web content. That’s why we have opened a new line of services dedicated specifically to putting our great literary skills into practice. We support people who want to tell their story, but do not have time to dedicate to writing a book. We collaborate with the editors from the Big 5 publishing houses and the marketing experts who work together to create a book that immortalizes your message that reaches the hands of all the people you want.


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We have a proven track-record of delivering some of the most excellent bestsellers with the help of our esteemed editors. Learn what our happy clients love us so much and what they have to say for us.

These days, finding a good ghost writer who could understand the author’s voice seems like an impossible job. Book editing is supposed to be easy for a professional writer, but I never found any freelancers on major platforms delivering what they promise. If it was not for Ghostwriting Universe, my book that required proofreading and professional editing would have been just another file on my laptop. These guys completed and published my book, and till date they are helping me sell hundreds of copies. Thank you for your efforts!
Oliver Goodman
It was a smooth experience getting my e-books written from scratch from this company. I must say Ghostwriting Universe has got an amazing team of writers and editors. It was nothing like an ordinary book – delivered a lot more than what I expected! My first project with them was about a fiction-based story. The second was related to science and technology subject. It’s been great being in business with them. They’re helping me sell my books, and I’m considering getting another series of books written and marketed by the company. Couldn’t imagine getting a better deal.
Emma Stone
They all tell you to find cheap ghostwriters on the internet to get your book written and sell it online to make money. But trust me when I tell you this: it doesn’t work that way. I’ve worked with a dozen different freelancers before, and it was literally a waste of time, effort, and money. Cheap writers mean cheap work, and it’s a competitive world out there. You need professionals and people who have an actual history of selling. Freelanced work always lacked the depth and authority of an author – it was chaos working with these freelancers. My dad suggested me this company after his productive experience, and I haven’t had a more organized online experience before. It’s like I don’t even have to do anything anymore, and I’m still getting good returns. That’s what happens when you have efficient people to manage things for you.
Nathalie Moore
I am a doctor and always wanted to write my dream book on self-help. I was quite skeptical about outsourcing my project because I don’t find freelance writers as knowledgeable as I am to come up with something that doesn’t hurt my reputation. But Ghostwriting Universe changed it for me. One of their writers was always in touch with me and delivered chapters of my book as per my liking. They assign an entire writing panel to your book, so it’s always a number of different writers working on your book and putting in their combined input. Outstanding research! I even had to fact-check a few things that I wasn’t quite kept up with. Learned a lot out of my experience with your team. This is a thank you post for your efforts. Great work!
Luiz Enrique