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Our Wikipedia Article and Wikipedia Page Writing Services get your personal or business page in the world’s largest online encyclopedia, giving your the credibility, reputation and brand positioning that you deserve.

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When you need a professional Wikipedia page that conforms to all the rules and guidelines, you need our expert writers at Ghostwriting Universe. We have a team of writers who are familiar with Wikipedia’s policies and can help you create a page that will not only be compliant, but also engaging and informative.

Our writers can help you create a page that:

  1. Conforms to all Wikipedia guidelines
  2. Is engaging and informative
  3. Highlights your most important information
  4. Is well-referenced and sourced
  5. Looks great and is easy to navigate

Don’t risk having your page deleted or being banned from Wikipedia. Let our experienced writers create a page that will give you the exposure you need while keeping you in good standing with the site.

Wikipedia Writing Services

Wikipedia Writing Services​

Our Wikipedia writing service is the perfect solution for anyone who needs help writing their Wikipedia page. GWU’s team of professional Wikipedia editors are here to help you make your mark on the world’s largest encyclopedia. Our team of expert writers will work with you to create a page that accurately reflects your life and work, and that meets all of Wikipedia’s stringent requirements.

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If you’re looking for someone to help you create or edit a Wikipedia page, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you create or improve a Wikipedia page that is accurate, well-written, and conforms to all of Wikipedia’s guidelines. GWU also ensures that your page is notable and will stand out from the crowd. Contact us today and let us help you make your Wikipedia page the best it can be!


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Our Wikipedia Writing Services

Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopedia and one of the most frequently visited websites. You can also use this for your company or organization. If you have your own website, the gates are virtually open. Our agency has been offering Wikipedia writing services for 8 years. We support you in the often-difficult task of being linked from Wikipedia or even creating your own Wikipedia page for your company or product.

Why is a Link from Wikipedia So Important?

The benefits of a Wikipedia Entry

Wikipedia is neglected as a source of good public relations, as is the traffic that can come from there. The most important reasons to appear in Wikipedia:

  1. Links that competitors rarely have
  2. Google loves these links – Google Search Console shows these links quickly
  3. Additional PR channel with objective information, but without “marketing slang”!
  4. Testified by trust and authority – only “good” websites can be found in Wiki
  5. Not inconsiderable traffic? (See retrieval statistics of every wiki page!)

According to Searchmetrics, Wikipedia is the website with the highest visibility in Google. Wikipedia’s Sistrix Visibility Index is 6,329.61 (as of 2022).

What Options Are There in Wikipedia?

There are several ways to be named in Wikipedia. You can have a page with a separate article that deals with the person, the company or a product. Secondly, you can link as a source, quasi as evidence of an info section within a text. The principle is the obligation to provide evidence – no information without a source. And thirdly, you can even contribute pictures or graphics through “Wikimedia”.

How Can I Get a Wikipedia Entry?

Wikipedia Writers For Hire

First of all, it is possible for almost every website to be identified as a source in Wikipedia. It is important to adapt the entry to the Wikipedia guidelines and to observe the relevance criteria. However, the process is quite complicated and requires an extensive study of Wikipedia guidelines.

This is where we step in to help you go through all of it smoothly. You can have us to put up your entry as your PR agency or advertising agency. A separate Wikipedia entry is not possible for all companies.

Let us create a comprehensive report for you to see what are your chances of getting your page up on Wikipedia.

Get Your Own Wikipedia Article From Us

A separate Wikipedia article about a company, association or organization has a great importance in the digital community.

In addition to a good Google position, “your” wiki article can be integrated into external communication, for example in the email signature or in the letterhead.

There are precise wiki guidelines that must be observed when creating an entry in Wikipedia. For companies, this is, for example, the number of employees, branches or sales. The hurdles are high, even for individuals such as athletes or scientists who want to have their own Wikipedia entry.

Even writing your own Wikipedia article is quite complex and difficult. Often these articles are deleted instantly or after review because the objectivity is missing or your PR or marketing department has written it. It is not considered an unbiased and independent entry. Therefore, you simply cannot get your PR or marketing team to write your Wikipedia article according to the rules – it is essential that you get it done from a third-party and independent company like us.

We are here to support you in writing the content and publishing it for you.

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Get Entries & References in Wikipedia

If you don’t manage to pass the high criteria of your own wiki page, you don’t have to give up. Because if you are an expert in a certain area, you can contribute your (background) knowledge and important information, for example on the industry or your product, to Wikipedia. So, you add the content on a sub-page of Wikipedia to the appropriate topic and get a reward link to a document link to your own website. If an interested reader would like to know more about this, they can click on the link and visit your website.

But here too there are many pitfalls and often most links are immediately deleted by other Wikipedians.

Here too, we help you insert a link and enrich the Wikipedia with your knowledge.

Order a Wikipedia Page Now!

Contact us as your Wikipedia page support team and we will create a report on whether it is possible to register you in Wikipedia!

Everything Complies with The Rules, Wikipedia Guidelines & Relevance Criteria!

Our work is done according to the Wikipedia guidelines and the relevance criteria. We stand for complete evidence that complies with the guidelines: no falsification of sources and no distortion of the truth. As an individual link, your website is named as a trustworthy source.

The Four Main Principles of Wikipedia

Encyclopedic Content

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so entries have have encyclopedic writing.

Neutral in Position

Contributions must be written to comply with the principle of a neutral position.

Rules and Copyright

Applicable laws, in particular copyright law, must be strictly observed.

Respect and Etiquette

Other wiki users must be respected and the 'wikiquette' must be observed.

Is Wikipedia Page Useful for Me?

Wikipedia doesn’t have a place for every website. However, it doesn’t mean that Wikipedia is not useful for them. Wiki entry could be one of the best marketing move you will ever make. The following topics and industries work particularly well:

  1. Cities/Travel/Destinations
  2. People & living beings
  3. Things & social events
  4. Sports
  5. Businesses & organizations
  6. Transportation
  7. Health
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  1. You are a tourism provider and write in your magazine on the website about special features of sights in your city. Certainly, you have knowledge that does not yet exist on Wikipedia.
  2. You are a manufacturer of articles from the sports industry. In your blog you write about the history of a sport. Maybe these well-researched content on your website is worth integrating into Wikipedia?
  3. You have invented and researched a novel drug for curing an illness. Is your background information on ingredients, modes of action or healing missing on Wikipedia?

Order a Wikipedia Page Now!

Contact us to get one of our Wikipedia authors on your project and create a report for you to evaluate the possibility of getting you up there on Wikipedia!

Our Process – 4 Steps to Your Wikipedia Link

Research on your profile or in Wikipedia

Reporting and Improving your chances

Adaptation and Writing the Content

Consistent Support and Publication

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone can participate in Wikipedia – the system of the online encyclopedia lives from its users. The articles are developed jointly and expanded by the users’ own knowledge. It is discussed which pages should exist and which pages have no business, since they violate the relevance criteria, are bad advertising or marketing, and have no added value. To avoid mistakes in the articles, Wikipedia relies on the control mechanisms of the global community.

To be linked from Wikipedia is an honor. Wikipedia articles should contain well-established information with the aim of presenting the current state of knowledge. Reliable sources of information must prove these facts. Now your website may come into play. Particular care should be taken with information from the Internet! If you change content in Wikipedia that is based on the data on your website, your page can receive a link to a document. (see next question!)

If someone has an entry on Wikipedia, this is proof for many that the person is extremely important. The world’s largest lexicon contains entries about world explorers, civil rights activists, politicians, nobles, actors, space travelers, politicians and other celebrities. According to the relevance criteria, there are currently 15 types of people who can receive a wiki entry.

If you fall into one of the 15 categories, you can start writing yourself. We would also like to check whether you fall into these groups of people and write this article for you as a person.

Everyone can participate in Wikipedia. This is the principle of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Either you register or do this anonymously without an account. However, the changes will only be published after a sifter from Wikipedia has released the changes. If you are an active sifter yourself (like us), you can unlock the changes yourself.

Everything that is written in Wikipedia does not have to be true. But for this to be the case, one tries to validate as much data and information as possible. A deletion request can therefore be submitted at any time. In particular, if the impression arises that you want to misuse Wikipedia as an advertising platform, it can be deleted. Your article must be neutral and objective, never biased or advertising.

Wikipedia doesn’t include every business. This must meet the relevance criteria (see above). The same applies to clubs and associations.
Associations, associations, networks and citizens’ initiatives that meet at least one of the following criteria are considered relevant:

  1. Are of national importance
  2. Have attracted special media attention
  3. Have a special tradition
  4. Have a significant number of members

This must be checked in individual cases. We will do that for you.


Under no circumstances do we fake Wikipedia. Only facts and relevant information are included. This is ensured by strict adherence to the relevance criteria. Many authors on Wikipedia agree that errors and incorrect information are usually erased or corrected at fairly short intervals. So, there is no point in trying to fake Wikipedia entries as it doesn’t work.

Since the Wikipedia articles very often appear at the top of the Google search results, it is understandable that many companies would also like to benefit in the form of their own contribution. After all, the range is quite broad. How do you create your own Wikipedia articles and what do you have to consider? We would be happy to assist you with this question. Contact us for more information.

Further web links are not inserted in the actual article text, but in two different places:

  1. Under the heading “Web-links” in a separate section below the references
  2. Links can also be incorporated as a citation, which then appear in the section “Individual references”

The first option is very difficult to obtain – for this your page must be very relevant to the topic. The second option is easier to obtain depending on your content.


Basically, every user can change an existing Wikipedia entry. You go to the respective Wikipedia page and click on the “Edit” button in the top right. In the next step you can see the code of the Wikipedia page. Now you have to find the section in which you want to change something. Alternatively, you can click the “Edit” button in the article under the headings, then you will only see the respective part of the wiki article.

If you’re wondering about all the special characters like [[ or {{ or |, that’s the very special markup language from Wikipedia. This is not too complicated and can be learned quickly. For a uniform appearance, special text and format criteria are used in the wiki. If you have changed the text, click on “Publish changes” below. But wait – it’s not that easy, because now a registered controller from Wikipedia, a “sifter”, has to activate the change before you can see it.

Advertising and marketing are generally frowned upon. Pure websites with advertising are therefore not desired. In general, shop pages are also very difficult to link to Wikipedia, since there is normally no added value. All sites that have something to do with “PPP” – porn, pills and poker – are not linked in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia wants to be a good encyclopedia and, for example, avoid advertising. Everything you write must therefore meet the relevance criteria. If you are not familiar with it, you can use the Wikipedia relevance check. Here you make a request and get an answer from the Wikipedia community in no time.
According to Wikipedia, companies are relevant for an encyclopedic entry if they:

  1. Have at least 1000 full-time employees
  2. Have an annual turnover of more than 100 million dollars
  3. Are traded on a stock exchange in the regulated market or in an equivalent stock exchange segment
  4. Have a dominant position or innovative pioneering role in a relevant product group or service (independent source required)
  5. Historically met one of these criteria.

No! This is ensured by strict compliance with the relevance criteria and the guidelines. This includes such points as the neutral point of view, content, the wikiquette, the obligation to provide proof and correct writing.

Basically, this happens in five steps. After you have survived the relevance check and are virtually entitled to your own entry (see above), create your own account. (“Create user account”). If your topic or company is relevant, you can start or continue research. In the fourth step you write the contribution. You have to pay attention to the uniform format. In the last step, click on ” Save article”. Now a registered Wikipedia user must activate the page and carry out a suitability check. If the page is rejected, you have to argue on a special discussion page why this page belongs in Wikipedia.

To successfully create a Wikipedia entry, it is best to consider these principles:

  1. Note relevance criteria
  2. Use unique themes
  3. Take a neutral point of view
  4. Write fact-based content
  5. Do not advertise


Remember to go through “all” the guidelines and rules of writing a Wikipedia entry. By all, we mean there are dozens of detailed pages that you must read and understand. Never “experiment” with your own Wikipedia page unless you are absolutely sure that your page is good to go. If editors find your page to not meet the key instructions, chances are that your page may get deleted and even flagged. That makes it quite difficult to get published again.