There are many ways to collaborate with our ghost writers. It all depends on what is more convenient for you and what your budget is. We have something for everyone!
Book Writing Services

Book Writing

Can’t wait to pick up a book that smells of fresh ink and see your name on it? This moment will come faster if you order the book writing services with us. We will write a manuscript according to your requirements and wishes, and we will publish it on your own behalf. If you want to order writing a book “from scratch”, this service is for you.

Polishing Your Draft

The easiest way to write a book is to use ready-made blog entries, diaries, articles, and other materials that you already have. In this case, you can come up with an outstanding book pretty quick, and a professional writer can do the technical part of the work for you. In this case, we will do the work of a literary processor and editor. It’s going to be your draft and our expertise combined. In a word, if you have your own draft, we will turn them into a book, saving you time and effort.

Book Writing Help

Writing a book on your own is difficult, but enjoyable. We will be happy to make it easy for you by drawing up a work plan for the book and answering all your questions.

Book Writing Consultation

Writing a book yourself? Can’t solve some problem or work has stalled for some reason? Write to us. We will answer all your questions so that you can quickly and easily finish your book.

Book Editing

Do you know how a good book differs from a bad one? The amount of time and effort spent on editing the text and the experienced writers working on it makes all the difference. With enough time and effort, any draft will become a masterpiece. Have you written a book? Do you need an editor? Just let us know – we will look at your draft with a fresh eye and bring your work to perfection.

Beta Reading and Reviews

It is very important for the author of the book to get feedback as soon as possible to avoid many mistakes. Relatives and friends are far from being objective when assessing the quality of our books, and we can’t reveal the draft to our readers. What to do? Show the draft to the beta readers and get honest, constructive, and useful feedback to improve your book!

Book Reading and Reviews

Book Summary & Audiobooks

Many people don’t have a lot of time to read full-length books, and they are more willing to read short stories. Many people are looking for a way to easily and quickly find out what is written in some useful lengthy book, so they won’t have to read it in full. A summary is a great way to help them fetch your story and the gist of your book. You can use this to your advantage: ask us to write a short version of a popular, but lengthy or complex book.

Book Publication

We not only write your e-books, but also publish them for you! We have a dedicated team of PR specialists who publish your book across all the major platforms and optimize them for maximum sales.

Book Publication Services