Hire a Ghostwriter

Why Hire a Ghostwriter or Ghostwriting Service?

Most of the autobiographies of actors, businessmen or athletes found in bookstores were not actually written by their authors. They hired a ghostwriter to do it for them. The good thing is that with a professional agency, you have no risk of a scandal. It’s a practice that even some renowned writers resorted to.

Many people wonder “why should I hire a professional ghostwriter?” In this article, we will answer this question. Working in this industry for over three decades, our team has so far delivered 1500 creative writing projects alone.

Who is a Ghostwriter Anyway?

A ghostwriter is a writing professional who is in charge of writing content, generally books for monetary compensation. That means the ghostwriter doesn’t get to put their name or their credentials on the book or work. The work becomes an intellectual property of the client who hires him.

In other words, the ghostwriter is the one who writes for authors who lack the time or technical knowledge required to write.

Is it Safe?

Ghostwriting is a common practice in the United States. As long as you’re working with a professional ghostwriting agency, you are completely safe. Working with freelance ghostwriters is NOT a safe bet. However, when you work with a professional agency like Ghostwriting Universe, you get absolute security with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. It’s a contract you sign with us that lays down complete confidentiality and discretion in all cases. We are obliged to never disclose to anyone that we have written your book or story, even after it gets popular.

It also means that when you work with us, your book becomes your intellectual property because we ensure complete copyright transfers. Nobody except you can claim that the work belongs to them. That’s how you get the legal security.

Apart from that, instead of working with a single freelance writer, you get to work with a complete writing panel at Ghostwriting Universe. That typically includes co-writers, an editor, and a project manager. You definitely need more than one mind or a single perspective to ensure that your work will impress a wider audience.

Ghostwriting Isn’t Easy

For one thing, to become a proper ghostwriter, you need to start out as a professional freelance writer. Otherwise, you must start out as some kind of professional writer, working for other people’s pay. Otherwise, you will need a degree in English from an established university unless you have “crazy skills” to write alone. Even then, you really have to work as a writer and get published multiple times in many different places.

We Master the Art of Writing – and Ghostwriting

At Ghostwriting Universe, we handpick the best ghostwriters there are in the United States and we match them with the most relevant clients. Most of our ghostwriters have already written bestselling books. If you need the ideal ghostwriter who gets your story, Ghostwriting Universe is the right place for you. Why not talk to us today and discuss your project? Call us now at 646-809-0344 and let’s get your started!

Hire an Editor with our Editing Services

You can start out with one of our book manuscript editors who would do a pretty good job for you. We charge less and deliver more. You will get an excellent copy that follows the guidelines. In most cases, even after you’ve proofread your final draft, your work would generally need professional editing as you go.

Your Intellectual Property – No Obligations!

We strongly believe in confidentiality and your book remains your property! After your success, our NDA legally binds the ghostwriter to never speak of it. You remain legally protected with us! You get your credentials on the book and the ghostwriters get the compensation for the work they do.

You Publish and Earn

With our book marketing services, the author also receives payment for work published or sold under his own name. We design, brand, publish, and market your book, which bear great results. You get all the royalties without having to share it. That’s because it’s your name on the book instead of the ghostwriter.

Is it Fair?

It is not plagiarism, a sweatshop, or anything else so horrible. Ghostwriters can make pretty decent money, and we care a lot for our ghostwriters! They earn because of the expertise they have in their skills. They help our clients bring ideas to life.

Many of our clients are famous. There are also memoirs written by ordinary people who need professional assistance. Sometimes, you can share partial credit with us for the work. That’s totally your choice!

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Hire a ghostwriter when you, the author, don’t have enough time to write it. Many people do it for the lack of writing and creative skills. Some of our clients want professional hands on their work to make it a success while they lead the project. Others want a writer who can improvise and come up with their own creative ideas.

Many businesses hire ghostwriters to work on their copy. Copywriting and online content writing is completely legal, ethical, and common. It’s obvious – why and how would a busy CEO write the copy of their entire website? Time is of the essence, you know? Business people and memoir customers especially look for our help.

There is always something that makes your own work seem amateurish, inadequate, confused, lazy, stilted, boring – in other words, not the job of a professional writer. Some people even have significant learning difficulties.

I have noticed that my clients tend to repeat their words too often or write abysmally. I see unbearable issues in other people’s writing that would otherwise seem perfect to me if I wasn’t a writer. They don’t have a lot of free time to edit their own work – it generally is what it is. However, they need to provide us with background material. The ghostwriter is actually writing their project for them, and it needs to have their voice in it. Our ghostwriters do this; the author gets all the credit, and we do all the work.

These aren’t the only type of clients we get. Some of our top-tier clients are only looking for a professional eye to edit their work. There are different types of editing, and we commonly do developmental editing, line editing, and content review. It’s our job to enhance your work that’s already there and fix anything that could be wrong in your draft. We make sure that your draft is properly written, edited, proofread, formatted and publish-ready.

Let’s Get Your Project Started!

If you are someone who does not have too much time to sit down to write your books, hiring an expert at ghostwriting universe will bring you many benefits. Our ghostwriter will write your stories, suggestions and reflections that you want to share with your potential readers, followers or clients. Most importantly, we make sure that your work has YOUR voice in it. Clarity, cohesion, coherence are the 3C principles of our work. When it comes to writing, you shouldn’t be afraid of ghostwriters as long as you’re with a reliable, professional, and trustworthy agency like Ghostwriting Universe.

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